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Copley Square in Boston

We offer our tourist to visit Boston and get acquainted with most interesting and famous places. Among them there’s Copley Square that is well-known for the architectural delights that grace the area, once the site of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before it moved to Cambridge.

This Square is named after John Singleton Copley, unexpectedly illuminated America’s colonial sky. The child of poor uncultured parents and only briefly the stepson of artist Peter Pelham, he became by 1760, as if by Providence, the colonies’ supreme artist, a position he retained until his departure for London in 1774. His swift ascent and sustained eminence were the result of an innate ability to handle paint and produce images that eclipsed anything executed by his predecessors in America. Through his stepfather, Copley had access to a vast collection of prints after old masters and English portraits, which he employed as the basis for early historical compositions like The Return of Neptune (59.198), and for portraits such as Mrs. Jerathmael Bowers (15.128). In this way, Copley not only learned how to compose his pictures, but also catered brilliantly to the anglophile predilections of his patrons, who coveted English-style portraits but rarely, if ever, traveled to England. He worked in various media to please patrons, executing paintings, pastels, and miniatures with remarkable dexterity.

Copley Square is a square in every sense of the word. Since 1994, the streets have been configured in a square shape with equilateral sides. Located in the Back Bay area of Boston, you’ll find both residents and visitors enjoying the greenery of the park located here as well as the magnificent buildings that surround the square. Standing in the middle of Copley Square and turning from side to side will provide you with an eyeful of buildings in a variety of styles – from decidedly old to quite new.

Probably the most prominent landmark on the square is Trinity Church, designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and built between the years of 1872-1877. The style of the church has come to be known as “Richardson Romanesque” and has served well to establish the architect’s fine reputation. The original facade was flat and the towers were much simpler than they are today.

The wonderful Boston Public Library is located on another corner of Copley Square. t was the first library to include a children’s room. Opened in 1895, it was the first publicly-supported municipal library in America. The façade is meant to resemble an Italian palazzo, specifically modeled after one in Rimini.

Also overlooking the square are the three John Hancock Insurance buildings. The old John Hancock Building, now called the Berkeley Building, was for several decades the second tallest building in Boston, standing at 26 stories in height.

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