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Things to do in Washington

Washington is a great city to visit with lots of things to do. If you are into exploring the museums, there are list and map of museums available and all are located fairly close together. The famous Smithsonian Museums are all “free of charge”. Some popular museums are Air and Space Museum…Holocaust Museum…Natural History Museum…American History…Freer Museum…National Gallery of Art…American Indian…etc.

Another great place to visit is the Botanical Gardens. They are located just in front of the Capital Building and the excellent part is that they are free of charge!

Visit the Sculpture Garden. It is located beside the National Gallery of Art.
If you are looking to do a free self-guided tour, one of the most interesting museums is located in the lower level of the Fords Theatre (F &10th St). Tour tickets available on actual day at Box office…tours available at 4pm as long as there is no show taking place in theatre. There are other theatres available: Folger, Signature, Kennedy. I recommend checking internet in advance for which shows are being presented. Half price tickets are available on day of show, if seats available.

If you are looking for an aerial view, go to Old Post Office and Tower (corner of 12th & Pennsylvania Ave.). You can elevate to Clock Tower (free of charge) 315 feet above for: View of National Mall…..Food Court on lower level…also…for fun… have simulated photo taken with Obama at Photo location in Food Court beside Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

If you are into shopping, go to department stores such as Macy’s and H&M near G St. and 11th St. or 12th St. area.

Take a stroll on Massachusetts Avenue, for first-hand look at the various Embassies from around the world. Visit White House Interpretative Centre (free of charge) and learn the inside facts about the architecture and various rooms in the White House, and also history of the lives of the many previous Presidents. This is a very interesting facility to visit.

Across from the White House Interpretative Centre is Willard Hotel Intercontinental. Visit the lobby of this famous historical hotel, where Jules Ward wrote’ Battle Hymn of the Republic’ and where Martin Luther King wrote his famous speech ” I have a Dream”…

There are many restaurants are available in downtown area, but for a very special treat visit Ebbitts Grill near Willard Hotel, where Washington dignitaries like to eat.

Free Concerts at 6pm every evening in good weather beside Gallery of Art (location 6th & Constitution)


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