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Chicago’s Street Fests have Begun!

A variety of great ‘Streetfests are either happening or about to happen in the great city of Chicago!

I thought some of our Chicago visitors may want to complete their visit by joining in..

1. Randolph Street Market Festival…the first of four of these great street Markets was held last weekend. This market sprawls indoors and outside. Shoppers can make a day of it…hunt for antiques, indie designs, there is even a vinyl swap..and after seeking out these treasures one can enjoy a glass of vino and listen to the live bands…the next three of these events will be held: 6/23-24; 7/28-29; and 8/25-26.

2. Lincoln Square Mayfest…This great event is next weekend 6/1-3…Enjoy an early Octoberfest event with lederhosen outfits, accordions and tapping the keg. At Lincoln Square there will be a welcome to spring with a tradional bash as beer steins clink, bratwurst sizzles and the whole crowd gets up and flaps the Chicken Dance….lots of fun!

3. Ribfest Chicago…This event on 6/8-10..not sure of the location but will check…probably though right downtown near Millenium Park.

Join food and music lovers as they chow down on the best barbecued ribs around..There is even a professional rib-eating competition (the most famous in the Midwest.) Also you can enjoy the sounds of 20 fantastic bands..Sounds like a ‘finger-lickin’ good time.

4. Andersonville Midsommerfest  6/9-10. At this festival folks gather to dance around a maypole, wear flowers in their hair, and mix and mingle with many diverse and family friendly peoples. There are non-stop bands and street performers.

5.  Printers Row Litfest…Also on 6/9-10. Bookworms Rejoice! Here in the near south side of Chicago is the largest free outdoor literary festival in the Midwest. Browse the booths for books and book-related merchandise (such as vintage comic books, movie posters, handwritten postcards from the early 1900’s, journals and much more.)

6. Old St. Pat’s Block Party..Visitors and locals alike will enjoy a visit to the area of St. Pat’s Church. This is a church who knows how to party..Enjoy a sip or two and pump fists in the air to pop bands..It is a friendly and happy time. Also a bit of trivia for you!!

Did you know that at this event over the years more than 100 couples have met in the crowd and eventually married?

Looks like St. Patrick is a bit of a ‘match-maker!!

Chicago’s Favourite Beaches

When we elevated to the top of the famous Hancock Tower we were shocked to discover that practically directly below us are sprawling, clean, sandy beaches. If we did not know better we would almost think we were looking at an ocean shoreline and not  the sprawling beaches of Lake Michigan… and… most of them just ‘walking distance’ from Michigan Avenue! The one closest to Michigan Avenue is Oak Street Beach. There is a chic ‘see-and-be-seen’ vibe at this beach. It is perfect for sauntering around in your new swimsuit or just relaxing… and ‘watching others’ saunter around in their new swim suits! Most of all just soaking up the sun and listening to the waves now that sunny spring/summer has arrived!

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