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The Best Dinners in Manhattan if You’re on a Budget

Even when you’re on vacation, you’ve got to eat. When in New York City, it can be tempting to succumb to expensive eateries and trendy bars, especially in the Manhattan area, but there are plenty of gems if you skip straight to the places…

Breakfasting in Paris

The French word for breakfast is petit déjeuner, which translates literally into little lunch. While a lot of Parisians eat breakfast at home, you will see many stopping for a quick breakfast at one of the thousands of cafés in the city. Most Paris…

Eating Out in Spain

If you are touring Spain, Spanish cuisine has a dazzling variety of both regional and national dishes and, as you know, makes liberal use of olive oil and red wine. Lunch For the Spaniards, lunch (comida) is still the biggest meal of the day….