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Why Paris is the most romantic place in the world!

Paris is a favorite destination for couples, for individual travelers, for groups, for young and mature people, and well, for everyone! It has historical sights, dazzling entertainment, and beautiful views over the Siene River. The beauty of Paris brings a feeling of excitement and experience that one has not felt before. Paris is a great place to relight romance and fall in love again! Let’s find out why tourists experience such romantic feelings towards visiting Paris:

“Paris, as any other exotic location, dazzles a person’s eyes with the aforesaid reasons. Also, the beauty of Paris and the contrast of it from one’s own city bring a feeling of excitement and experience that one has not felt before. Great place to rekindle romance and fall in love again because it’s spontaneous rather than routine.”

“Art, culture, history, fun, good transportation network, charming cafes and Quiche-Lorrain”

“PARIS: food, ambience, art, architecture, views, history & mystery!”

“Whether you’ve been to Paris one time or 10, you’ll always find pleasurable surprises in store. As the French say, Allons-y (Let’s go)!”

There is something terribly romantic and dramatic about bridges wherever you are in the world, but Paris has gone one step further in the romance-stakes by producing a magical wish-granting bridge! Paris is also romantic with its amazing French cuisine, stunning views of the Paris skyline and a good bottle of vin rouge. The Jardin du Luxembourg and other gardens have been romance hotspots for centuries, with famous couples from Napoleon and Josephine to Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir being known to frequently meander through the grounds. It is still a love hub today, with beautiful statues, fountains and flowerbeds providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll. Paris is charming at every corner.

To understand why Paris is so romantic, you need to visit it at least for one time and you will never forget this city. So we are ready to offer our tours! 

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