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Princess Diana Memorials in Europe

Lady Diana was often considered by the media as the “People’s Princess”. Loving, caring and beautiful, she possessed all the attributes needed to become a subject of idolatry. And so she became – an ideological figure.

The monument to French-American friendship- La Flamme de la Liberte, erected in Paris in 1989, is considered to be as the unofficial Princess Diana memorial. The torch in this monument is an exact replica of the one to be found on the Statue of Liberty in New York. At the foot of this torch, people are constantly pasting messages and photographs of the Princess and leaving flowers in her memory. Many people now treat this monument as a sort of pilgrimage place to honor Lady Diana. It is common to find a crowd of people standing around the statue in her honor.

A garden dedicated to the memory of Britain’s Princess Diana has been officially opened in Paris. French officials say the flower beds will eventually bloom and provide a place for children to learn about flowers, plants, vegetables and respect for the environment. But critics have scoffed at the project dubbing it as “1,000 square meters of leeks.” Paris mayor Jean Tiberi said. “Through this place I wanted to pay tribute to a woman whose generous heart showed her deep fondness for nature and human relations, particularly with children.” The garden opened in February 14, 2001.

There are also monuments dedicated to Princess Diana in London, U.K. The first memorial dedicated to the unfortunate couple with the name of “Innocent Victims,” on display at Harrods, a huge department store located in London. The symbolism here is extremely esoteric and significant. The statue represents Princess Diana and Dodi holding together a bird. There is also a park dedicated to Princess Diana contains an oval shaped fountain and a sanctuary. The most significant symbol however, can be found on the ground represented by a five petal granite rose, the classic occult symbol to represent female energy.

While traveling on our bus tour to Paris and London, you can get acquainted with the history of the British family and Princess Diana. You can also leave some flowers at the memorials!

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