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Boston’s Waterfront

Like many cities around the world, Boston’s waterfront and dock area has undergone rejuvenation in recent years and is now an interesting, vibrant and fun place to visit on your tour of Boston. The precinct is home to five museums, numerous art galleries, around 40 restaurants and enough shops to satisfy any shopaholic.

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What to Do

On the night of 16 December 1773 one of the most important events in American history took place in Boston Harbor. Now known as the Boston Tea Party, you can learn about the Tea Party at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. An interactive experience you can through tea with the Sons of Liberty, tour three fully restored ships and see one of the original tea chests.

Boston is home to a number of fantastic microbreweries and if you are over 21 and touring Boston you can visit one of them on the waterfront. Harpoon Brewery was issued its license to brew and package beer commercially in 1987, the first permit issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 25 years. For visitors on Boston tours who like to shop, the New Waterfront offers a wide variety of retailers. You can find exquisite clothes, locally crafted goods, toys and original works of art. Make time for a relaxing massage or simply grab a newspaper or magazine to read at the park

What to Eat

No matter what your preference, all appetites are catered for among the restaurants on Boston’s New Waterfront. You can dine on chowder or lamb chops. Sip a Latte or a glass of savour a whiskey. Some of Boston’s most innovative menus and best chefs are represented among the restaurants on the waterfront. There is also a variety of venues. From upmarket with linen table clothes to those where fingers are better than a knife and fork.

You can’t beat seafood when you are dining by the sea. Two well-known Boston establishments, enjoyed by visitors and locals, are The Barking Crab and Legal Seafoods. The Barking Crab has been operating now for 14 years and offers fun and good seafood in a casual environment. All branches of Legal Seafoods offer fantastic food and are the perfect venue for a date night.

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