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Trip to Montreal, Quebec city and Ottawa

Our trip to Montreal, Quebec city and Ottawa is a great opportunity to fall in love with these fantastic Canadian cities and to make sure you would want visit them again.

You can see the highlights of all THREE cities and learn a lot about Canada and its exciting history. You will be introduced to some favourite “tastes” of Canada, such as Beaver tail, Poutine, and Smoked meat, and many many more. Each of one of these cities are worth visiting for more than a weekend of course, but we will give you an opportunity to see the most they have to offer.

Old city of Montreal – It is like travelling back in time and seeing magnificent architecture dating back to 18th and the 19th century. The city has one of the most famous Catholic cathedrals in the world – Notre Dame de Montreal. Every night the cathedral has a spectacular music and light show. The streets of Montreal are crowded with numerous visitors and locals until late at night and visiting Montreal in summer will give you a chance to take part in one of their world’s most famous festivals.

Quebec city is a pearl of architecture and one of the main historic sites in North America where the future of this continent was created. Upper and Lower towns will impress you with wall murals, cobblestone streets, numerous shops and restaurants. Do not miss the roofs, doors and windows – every single one is different and fabulous. You can have the best croissants in North America, crepes and Poutine during your short stay in Quebec city. You can also feel like royalty just by visiting Chateau Frontenac – the most famous hotel in Canada.

Your short visit of Ottawa, our national capital, will make you feel proud to be a Canadian. Ottawa’s Parliament Building has an unbelievable design worth seeing if you are visiting the city. Ottawa has one of a kind statues to outstanding Canadians who created and developed this country, changing the guards ceremony on Parliament hill, Rideau Hall, Chateau Laurier, National Art Gallery, Sussex Drive with its famous buildings of Embassies and do miss the opportunity to “feel Canadian” by enjoying a beaver tail at By Wad Market.

To finish this exciting trip you can relax by admiring Canadian nature during a one hour cruise in 1000 Islands.

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