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Why Travel to New York?

New York City gets over 40 million domestic and international tourists each year.

Major destinations include the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Broadway theatre productions; museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other tourist attractions including Central Park, Washington Square Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Bronx Zoo, South Street Seaport, New York Botanical Garden, luxury shopping along Fifth and Madison Avenues, and events such as the Tribeca Film Festival, and free performances in Central Park at Summerstage and Delacorte Theater. The Statue of Liberty is a major tourist attraction and one of the most recognizable icons of the United States. Many New York City ethnic enclaves, such as Jackson Heights, Flushing, and Brighton Beach are major shopping destinations for first and second generation Americans up and down the East Coast.

But what are the other reasons that inspire tourists to come again to New York or what impression from New York has its visitors. Let’s see it:

“For all of its troubles, New York City is still a great vacation destination, with Broadway Shows and the Statue Of Liberty and Times Square and lots of tourist attractions and great shopping and dining and nightlife opportunities, so that’s why people want to travel there, simple as that”.

“I think most people visit NYC because of its culture, arts, entertainment, and shopping. Many also go to the experience the history of NYC, plus since there is so much to see and do there it has naturally become a great vacation destination. And many people love the excitement as well, because there is always something to do all the time, it really is called “the city that never sleeps” for a reason”.

“Something is always going on in New York”.

“To see for themselves that the place really exists. That’s why I went. Seriously”.

“I’ve always wanted to visit because of the feeling I get from it when I see the city in movies. Am I just being duped?”

“NYC is the place to be if you really want a great shot at pursuing a career in the arts. It is also one of the financial capitals of the world, so many people move there on business as well”.

“The first time I went to NY it was for business. Second time I went I took my family to see the Macy’s parade. Went to ground zero in November 2001 (just a day trip, in/out same day). Now we go there fairly often for different reasons – but mostly just because it’s so alive. I do ♥ NY.”

As we all know there’s a famous expression: There are as many opinions as there are people! Take a chance to visit New York with Comfort Tour and share your opinions with us!

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