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Some Suggestions of What Not to Miss at the Louvre

So you have made it to Paris, and at the top of your Paris tour list is to visit one of the most famous museums in the world, the Louvre. You know that your first priority is the Mona Lisa followed by Venus de Milo, but you don’t know where to start with planning the rest of your visit.

Louvre museum at night, Paris, France

Here are some suggestions:

Leonardo’s other works
The Louvre is home to a number of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces, not only the Mona Lisa. They include Leonardo’s last great work; the Virgin and Child with St Anne, which only went back on display in 2012 after an 18 month restoration process. You will also find the well-known Madonna on the Rocks, made famous by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Winged Victory of Samothrace
Most commonly known simply as Winged Victory, this imposing statue should be on your must-see list. If it isn’t yet, please do add it! Almost 2,200 years old, this statue is both powerful and beautiful. It is also very big in size, something you cannot appreciate until you stand in front of it.

Napoleon III Apartments
As you probably know, the Louvre was once the palace of French Kings. The Napoleon III apartments give you an idea of the splendour that they lived in, and are an exceptional record of Second Empire decorative art. If you do not have time on your Paris tour to visit Versailles, then the splendor of the last monarch of France’s taste in interior design will give you an idea of the opulence that French royalty enjoyed.

Ancient Egypt
For those interested in Egyptology, the Louvre holds an excellent collection of objects from ancient Egypt. Guarded by a large Sphinx dated from around 2000 BC, the Egyptian Antiquities collection is housed in 20 rooms.

Michelangelo’s Dying Slave and Rebellious Slave
These marble sculptures by Renaissance artist Michelangelo were carved between 1513 and 1516 and were intended to decorate the tomb of Pope Julius II. As the statues were unfinished (due to financial reasons), the iconography is unclear – so what Michelangelo is trying to portray is open to your interpretation.

The Louvre holds one of the most amazing collections in the entire world. If you do not think of yourself as an art lover, then there are many other aspects of the collections that you may find of interest. The Museums’ website is great for a browse before you go,and hopefully this article has helped you to plan your Louvre visit on your trip to Paris.

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