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Spending the Day at Central Park in New York City


Central Park is about half a mile wide, two and a half miles long and could accommodate over 550 soccer fields.   That makes it one of the world’s largest urban public parks and it is found smack bang in the middle of the boisterous and vibrant city of New York amongst an impressive skyline of skyscrapers.  Located in the heart of Manhattan it offers far more than traditional parks, which often only stretch to picnics and playgrounds.  There are so many varied things to do that you can easily spend the whole day there and still not have enough time to try out everything on offer.


Most people know about the traditional horse drawn carriage rides through the park, the two winter ice rinks that entice many to try out some daring moves, and the wonderful Central Park Zoo.  But here are some other things to entertain you when you visit Central Park:



  • Woodland walks:  There are 3 woodlands providing an oasis for wildlife in the heart of this energetic city.  Guided tours are led by Central Park Conservancy guides allowing you to enjoy the scenery and learn about the Conservancy’s horticultural efforts.central_park_new_york_nature
  • Catch & Release Fishing:  This is available on the north shore of Harlem Meer, the lake in the north east corner of the park.  No need to worry about equipment – fishing rods and bait are provided, as is the fishing instructor on site.
  • Bird Watching:  Borrow a Discovery Kit backpack which contains binoculars, map and guidebook to help you appreciate the different species of birds you see.


  • Tennis:  There are 30 tennis courts to choose from so there is no excuse for not brushing up your serve and backhand.
  • Volleyball:  Five beach volleyball courts are available if you can drum up an enthusiastic team to play with you.
  • Lawn bowling and croquet: Central Park has 2 beautifully maintained greens dedicated to bowling and croquet, both of which are fun, gentle sports but need a surprising amount of skill.
  • Cycling and rollerblading:  The flat and hilly terrain within Central Park gives cyclists and rollerbladers a variety of challenges.  From short routes to the longest drive of 6.1 miles for the super fit, there is something for everyone.



  • Chess and checkers, dominos and backgammon:  At the Chess and Checkers house you can borrow playing pieces from the Conservancy staff who will even find a partner for your chosen board game.chess_in_central_park
  • Live music: The Harlem Meer Performance Festival is held throughout the summer every year on the lakeside normally on Sunday afternoons.  The musical entertainment is free and features local established and emerging artists in world music, jazz, blues and Latin.  A wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the park.jazz_central_park
  • Dining out:  There are two eateries in Central Park where you can eat out in stress-free surroundings, either on the water at the Boathouse or at the Tavern on the Green.


Whatever kind of day you are looking for, your time at Central Park is sure to be delightful and in this relaxing haven you will completely forget that you are in the heart of one of the most exciting and fast-paced cities on earth .

Michelle Collins
VP of Public Relations
New Design Group Inc.

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