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Affordable Restaurants to See Celebrities in NYC

Whether you live in the Big Apple, or you are just visiting, it is always exciting to experience a celebrity sighting. Your best chances of spotting a celebrity would be to hit up some famed restaurants throughout the city. Of course, not everyone has the budget to dine at some favorite hot spots, like Le Cirque. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable restaurants that celebs enjoy, too.

The Spotted Pig

The Spotted Big, found in NYC’s West Village, is one of the most favorite restaurants for celebrity sightings. The menu features seasonal Italian and British cuisines, all of which they prepare using a majority of local ingredients.

There are some menu items, particularly during dinner, that might seem a bit pricey. However, there are plenty of affordable dining options, too. For instance, you can opt for a Chargrilled Hamburger topped with Roquefort cheese and shoestring fries on the side. Aside from enjoying delicious food, you may also have the opportunity to see one of your favorite A-listers.

ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen
Head out for the evening to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and a chance to see a celebrity at ABC Kitchen. Although the restaurant’s entrees may seem a bit on the pricey side, specialty made pasta dishes are budget-friendly. You can grab some delicious Ricotta Ravioli with herbs and tomato sauce for under $20.

Part of what makes ABC Kitchen a popular choice for celebrities is that it offers locally grown, organic foods. The atmosphere is both relaxing and inviting. It has a very home-like feel that allows you to enjoy your dining experience.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster
Harlem’s very own Red Rooster is another celebrity hot spot. In fact, Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project has been spotted dining here. The restaurant satisfies your desire for comfort food with dishes like “Hot” Chicken & Waffles or Herb Roasted Chicken. The prices for meals vary between pricey and affordable.

If you are looking to chow down on something affordable chose their Leo’s Dumplin’ dish. The plate features delicious potato gnocchi with spicy sausage, Thai basil, and a sweet corn tomato sugo sauce. Aside from the fact that you very well might spot an A-lister, you will get to dine on delectable foods. One great way to eat at Red Rooster for a low price is to opt for drinks and appetizers rather than an entrée.

Little Park

Hit up Little Park in New York City if you would like to catch sight of one of your favorite celebrities. Danny Glover is among one of the celebrities spotted dining at this location. Little Park features a unique menu of vegetables, pasta, seafood, and fire-roasted meats. The fire-roasted meats might not seem affordable, so it is best to stick to the pasta and seafood menu.

For under $20, you can dine on Grilled Mackerel with plum relish and sea greens. The majority of pasta dishes served at Little Park are also under $20. For a sweet, yet savory pasta dish, try the carrot risotto with orange, coriander, and feta. You are sure to find a dish you love as well as getting a chance to spot a famed celeb.

Caffe Reggio

Caffe Reggio
Caffe Reggio is a favorite celebrity restaurant and with good reason. Aside from being the most affordable, budget-friendly place on this list, it offers delicious food, too. Unlike traditional cafes, this Greenwich Village gem makes celebrities and everyday diners feel like welcomed A-listers. The casual dining atmosphere and laid-back attitude of the staff make this a top-notch choice.

Enjoy a wide variety of foods ranging from paninis and sandwiches to plates of pasta and everything in between. Stop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. The majority of dishes served at Caffe Reggio will cost you under $15, which is ideal for the budget-conscious diner. Grab a delicious plate of Penne Alla Genovese for just $10.75.

No matter which restaurant choose, you have a good shot at spotting at least one celebrity. Of course, the best part of choosing any of the restaurants listed above is the delicious food you can eat. Each one offers plenty of affordable options. Just because you want to see a celebrity does not mean you need to spend like one.

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