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Hello, my name is Eliane. I’m a happy member of the Comfort Tour Family. I was born and raised in France. After studying in Le Havre, I spent a couple of years in Germany and in Ireland, but for some reason Toronto called and it is where I eventually settled. I fell in love with my new city and to share it with as many as possible I became a tour guide, working in English, French and German. I soon realised that guiding was just right for me. Over time, opportunities presented themselves for me to travel further afield with various groups, a very different experience but one which allowed me to travel throughout Canada, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria and Turkey….and more to come hopefully!

I enjoy learning about new cultures and feel that languages are an important part of it, I always have fun learning at least enough of the language of the country I’m traveling to to be able to cope with whatever situation comes my way….and believe me, anything can happen! Over the years, I have had to work with people from all walks of life, to deal with emergencies or with situations nobody could have imagined existed, but with confidence and a smile it just works out eventually.

I have come to realise that each group is different, but no matter what, my “mother hen” instinct is always there, making sure that everyone is taken care of, having a great time and feeling comfortable. I hope to meet you soon on one of the great trips that we offer.