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Working with Comfort Tour has been a pleasure for me as it helps to combine my life skills and a desire to travel. Professionally, I am a trained and certified teacher; also, at heart I am an enthusiastic traveller.

First: I have been teaching adult students with Toronto Catholic School Board for over 20 years. So, I enjoy dealing with adult audience and providing them with relevant instructions and information.

Second: travelling to new places and sharing them with others makes me happy and inspired.  I am always trying to find the most beautiful and exciting stories and views to share with tourists.  Dramatic history and vast geography of our country, Canada, gives me an excellent chance to do so.

Due to this, my favorite tours are around Canada, in particular , to Quebec City and Montreal. Those two cities not only have an architecture which is unique in North America, but also have special character and spirit. Tourists can feel it while walking or driving their streets. That’s what I really love: to see the light of true interest and inspiration in the eyes of people on the tour. Hope to meet you there soon!