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My name is Carole and I was born and raised in Beirut and came to Toronto with my family due to the civil war in 1984.
 I graduated from York University with a degree in French Studies while working as onboard service coordinator with Via Rail on weekends and summers. I was admitted to the Faculty of Education but soon discovered that travel is the ultimate education and being in a classroom wasn’t my cup of tea.
Decided to take a year off from University so I lived and worked in Australia prior to their Olympic Games and that was a trip of a lifetime.
 In 2002, I obtained a diploma as a Tour Manager from the International Travel Management Institute in California . The ride so far has been exceptional from working as a travel agent to working on cruise ships as Group Coordinator to working at conventions and corporate events to escorting students on educational trips to accompanying adults all over Canada and parts of the United States . Hard to decide a favourite place!
I have been working for Air Canada Express as a Flight Attendant and enjoy the friendly skies. A flexible schedule that still allows me to enjoy roadtrips and accompany groups on the road.
 I joined Comfort Tours by referral of my friend Eliane who trained me and I am grateful for the opportunity . I look forward to welcoming you onboard and let’s have a wonderful time.
Thank you joining Comfort Tour Canada!